Introducing … the Billabong and Coolabah soft floor campers

Cub is proud to announce the release of two brand new soft floor campers: the Billabong and the Coolabah!

The Billabong
From $17,990

Experience the creature comforts of home while enjoying the spectacular scenery of the Australian outback. This fully Australian-made camper trailer ticks all the off-road boxes!

Rugged yet comfortable. Tough yet versatile. Stylish yet modest. All wonderful features that encompass what makes the Billabong a real stand out from other soft floor campers. You won’t believe how easy it is to set up.

If you’re just beginning your camper trailer journey, the Billabong is definitely worth a look!

The Coolabah
From $21,990

If it’s room you’re after without breaking the bank then the Coolabah is for you. This Australian-made soft floor camper trailer has features and benefits that are usually only found in expensive on-road vans. You will be struggling to fill the expansive storage space you now have at your disposal! And it’s so easy to set up.

Whether a growing family or a couple who just want to stretch out just because you can, this off-road beauty will meet your needs. Aussie steel…Aussie canvas…and 50 years of Aussie ingenuity makes the Cub Coolabah a standout.

Getting back to our roots

A little known fact: Cub built the world’s first soft floor camper trailer! So, with these new models, Cub is actually getting back to our roots as a soft floor camper trailer manufacturer!

While Cub started out as a box trailer manufacturer way back in the 1960s, after buying the business in 1968, the Fagan family quickly moved on to bigger and better things. In 1970, Cub started fitting a canvas canopy with window and mattress to their box trailers. These were our very first campers. Then, in 1972, we produced a soft floor camper called the trailer camper – a world first!

That first camper was a platform and mattress on a 6×4 box trailer. It opened in the same way as the current soft floor campers.

As Cub founder, Roger Fagan, explains, “In 74 we introduced a larger version the Cubonda which proved very popular. To my knowledge this design Is unique to Cub. In 76 we introduced the very popular Drifter 6, which we made thousands of over 25 years.”

The Campomatic, later the Cubomatic, was next. After a successful show in Los Angeles in 1986, the Kamparoo rear fold camper was added to the mix. This evolution of this design can be seen in some of today’s most popular models, including the Weekender and the Brumby.

Later the larger versions of the Kamparoo were added – the Supamatic, Spacematic and in 1998 the much larger Spacevan. The contemporary equivalents of these include the Traveller, Drover and Longreach.